A Step-By-Step Guide: Roti Jala

All you need: a squeeze bottle, flour, coconut milk, egg, salt, turmeric powder, a pan and a whisk.

What you get: lacy crepes that are the perfect accompaniment to curries.

Whisk ingredients together and strain.

I used 120g flour, 100g coconut milk, 150g water, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 4 teaspoons turmeric powder. Strain the mixture to ensure there are no lumps.

Transfer to a squeeze bottle.

You can also use a disposable water bottle that has its base pierced with a few small holes. Note: if you opt for this option you might need less water than the recipe that I used.

Lightly grease a pan and heat over low heat.

I like using a large cast-iron pan for this but you can use any pan like. Grease and wipe off excess with a kitchen towel.

Squeeze the batter onto the pan in circular loops.

The faster you swirl your wrists, the thinner and prettier the lace pattern will be. The roti jala is ready when you see it lifting from the pan.

Transfer to a board and fold the roti jala into quarters.



Pamelia Chia is a Singaporean chef and the author of the bestselling cookbook ‘Wet Market to Table’. After graduating with an Honor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the National University of Singapore in 2014, she decided to trade a food scientist’s lab coat in for chef whites. She has since been working in restaurants in Singapore and Melbourne, including Candlenut and Carlton Wine Room. Her deepest interest being the preservation and celebration of Singaporean food heritage and culture, she started Singapore Noodles in 2020 as a platform to share about Singaporean food to a global audience. Find her on Instagram @pameliachia.

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