Inspiring A New Generation of Singaporeans to Care About Heritage Food

Shiny Phua: “The entire ideology of making kueh is slowing down.” Phua, the 22-year old founder of Ah Mah’s Legacy and Design Communications LASALLE graduate, joins Singapore Noodles founder Pamelia Chia to discuss how we can position heritage food to reach young Singaporeans, plus: *Why young Singaporeans lack a strong connection to heritage food* *What the differences between Teochew and Nyonya kuehs are* *Why we cannot expect quality heritage food to be cheap* *How can heritage food artisans reach the youths* *How kueh-making and the spirit of agak-agak will make us better cooks* *Why educating youths about local food is important* *Shiny’s favourite place to buy savoury kueh* To contact Pamelia with comments, questions, or speaker ideas, please email

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Pamelia Chia is a Singaporean chef and the author of the bestselling cookbook ‘Wet Market to Table’. After graduating with an Honor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the National University of Singapore in 2014, she decided to trade a food scientist’s lab coat in for chef whites. She has since been working in restaurants in Singapore and Melbourne, including Candlenut and Carlton Wine Room. Her deepest interest being the preservation and celebration of Singaporean food heritage and culture, she started Singapore Noodles in 2020 as a platform to share about Singaporean food to a global audience. Find her on Instagram @pameliachia.

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