Hainanese Chicken Rice Online Class


I held off for the longest time from posting a recipe for chicken rice on Singapore Noodles, because I wanted it to be perfect. It was my favourite dish and it is Singapore’s national dish. But now, I’m ready to share it because I’m happy with it. Gelatine under skin? Check. Silky, perfectly seasoned chicken? Check. Not too salty soup? Check. Rice that is packed so full with chicken flavour that it is beige rather than white? Check. Dressing that complements the chicken and that doesn’t just taste of soy? Check.

With easy to source ingredients, you can cook it wherever in the world you are. And a bite of this, especially in sunny weather, I swear, transports you back home to sitting under the fan of the hawker centres, having a plate of chicken rice on a pastel-coloured plate.

In this online course, you can learn:

  • The history of Hainanese chicken rice
  • Silky chicken with a layer of gelatine under the skin
  • Fragrant chicken rice
  • Chilli sauce
  • The soup
  • The dressing that ties it all together.


Here are my gripes with recipes online: the chicken is poached in water, and the resulting “stock” is used to cook rice. But in such gentle heat, how much flavour can get from the chicken to the water? What you get can barely be called a stock. The chicken was always lacking flavour and punch – more like the plainer Cantonese pak zham gai.

Second, few recipes talk about the all-important dressing that coat the chicken and cucumbers. I know that chicken rice is all about the rice and the chicken, but this sauce is what ties everything together. In fact, I see vendors drizzling this onto their rice before serving!

Third, the chicken cooked from these recipes never ever had that slippery, silky texture. Sure, it was more tender than roast chicken, but it was just *not* chicken rice chicken. And how on earth do they get the gelatine under the skin! Trust me, I’ve tried so many recipes through the years of living abroad – all were disappointing.

This tutorial teaches you how to make chicken rice that boasts silky chicken with a layer of gelatine under the skin, fragrant chicken rice, the chilli sauce, the soup and the dressing that ties it all together.

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