Meatless Meals, Singaporean Flavours


Eating more vegetables is indisputably better for us and the environment. However, it can be a challenge reconciling our heritage with our desire to eat more plants. Learn how we can celebrate the Singaporean flavours we love and not miss the meat!

  • Discover the principles behind what makes meat so addictive and delicious, and how we can apply it to meatless dishes.
  • Learn about flavour-boosting techniques used in Singapore
  • Build a pantry that does not rely on meat for flavour
  • 5 video tutorials for dishes that take inspiration from Singaporean food – 3 vegan recipes, 2 vegetarian recipes (with vegan options provided). Find out what makes these dishes work and possible variations.

Recipes in this class: Eggplant Chuan Chuan, Fried Cauliflower with Date & Herb Chutneys, Roast Pumpkin with Sunflower Seed Cream & Curry Leaf Oats, Thunder Tea Onigiri, Mushroom Biang Biang Noodles.


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